We are a group of local residents set up to have an influence over Brentford’s future. If you share our aim, add your voice to ours and join today.

In 2019, Brentford Voice was established to make Brentford a better place in which to live, work or visit by – ‘People who do something’.

We do this through community cohesion and by working with other amenity and residential groups; exploring new ideas on how to improve where we live; airing and hopefully sorting out existing problems; working with Brentford and Syon ward councillors; sharing up to date knowledge of intended developments and their possible consequences, but most importantly sharing our love of Brentford.

It’s very clear that more and more of our community care and are concerned about Brentford’s future. Are you one of them? If so, please get in touch to learn more about how you can help.

Brentford Voice have six groups who work across the following issues – Planning, Green and environment, Conservation and heritage, Transport and streets, Town Centre and Brentford Vison. They meet regularly to identify issues which affect Brentford and our community then create projects and formalise action plans all of which are aimed at improving where we live and work, AND reinforce our mantra of ‘People who do something’.

Here you’ll find regular updated monthly bulletins on the work of Brentford Voice groups. If you have any comments on these issues then do please mail us at info@brentfordvoice.co.uk OR if there are issues you’d like us to address, OR if you’d like to take part in these groups then again do please mail us as we’d love to hear from you.