About Brentford Voice

What we want for Brentford

A successful and robust future

Brentford is undergoing huge long awaited change. However, whilst welcome, we want to retain the integrity and the unique character that’s been created over time. This we’ll do by raising awareness, providing information, and facilitating participation in all matters relating to large scale inappropriate development.

The best of the past

Brentford has rich past, unfortunately along the way some of this cultural heritage has been lost forever. We want to preserve the buildings and monuments that still exist through restoration projects, which will help beautify Brentford, keep its character and charm, and provide important links to its diverse history.

A green and pleasant land

Amidst the regeneration of Brentford and on its borders we’re blessed and fortunate to have many green and open spaces. We acknowledge how vital urban lives are bound up with and enriched by nature, as such we’re trying to keep it that way.