Brentford Youth Voice

This is a group for young people living and working in Brentford to learn more about their local area and contribute their views to shape a better current and future Brentford. Brentford Youth Voice will offer an opportunity for young people to network, meet their local politicians, work together on local projects and offer their views on local issues.

Age range: Available for those between the ages of 18-30
Coverage area: Brentford East, Brentford West, Syon and Brentford Lock
Membership criteria: Those between the ages of 18-30 who live or work in Brentford.
Structure: Formal meetings will take place at least once every 2 months in a different Brentford venue. Informal meetings, such as visits to events, can happen in an ad hoc basis.
Discussion topics: (Members will be able to shape the agenda but a suggested list of topics include the below)

  • Developing the Brentford night economy
  • Renters’ rights in Brentford
  • Skills and job opportunities
  • Shaping local development
  • Arts and culture
  • Local environment
  • Equalities & Diversity

First formal meeting: Week of 9th of January (aim for 11th January)
First informal opportunity: 16 free tickets to Brentford v Bournemouth on the 14th of January)

Contact Councillor Lara Parizotto to find out more and join!