Targeting Brentford’s pollution

Hounslow Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP)

In advance of the LBH’s Air Quality Steering Group, we reviewed the AQAP. This included reviewing AQ data from the M4 monitoring station (HS5) as this was showing the highest levels of pollution. This shows that there is a serious air quality problem in Brentford. Key pollutant levels were gradually declining they were still exceeding World Health Standards.

In addition we identified areas where new actions should be added. These included: –


  • Potential for lower speed limits
  • Extension of vehicle roadside checks
  • Anti-idling campaigns

Localised Solutions

  • Promote Green spaces/ planting / Green walls etc.

Other Issues

Monitoring and Modelling Issues –

Limited data /AQ monitors – extend network especially into areas where new developments are taking place and on to roads.

Independent QA of AQ modelling given limited real data.

It was agreed that all these should be worked up into a Balanced Scorecard to help give a quick overview of progress being made on the AQAP. This should include hard targets (AQ levels) but also “soft targets” to help influence / persuade others to engage and do their part.

A paper summarising these were sent to LBH in advance of the Steering Group meeting and were well received. We will work with officers to look to incorporate these into an updated version of the AQAP.

Addressing the Climate Emergency Workshop 8th October‬‬‬‬‬‬

The Group was also well represented at LBH’s workshop on Climate Change. LBH are seeking to develop a Climate Change Action Plan, and this forum was designed to gather ideas and suggestions for what this could contain. The intention is for LBH to produce the action plan for cabinet approval in December.