Environmental Vision

Our thoughts – What are your views?

Brentford Voice Environment Strategy

We are in the last stages of finalising our Environmental Vision. Download.

This follows on from our more general Brentford Voice Vision which can be found here.

This is a plan for Brentford. It includes Air Quality, Global Warming, but also our open spaces, our waterside, our heritage and how we might live, work and play in the future.

It shows that much needs to be done on improving Air Quality within Brentford. New World Health Organisation (WHO) limits have been introduced recently and we are exceeding these. There is a lot of new development taking place – and planned – in Brentford – and we much need to be done to make these suitable for a carbon neutral future. Our local population is expanding and we need to address issues such as transport and suitable open spaces to help deal with this. We also want to see this development take place sympathetically with our local environment – and build towards a more sustainable future.

We are publishing now as the world get ready to meet in Glasgow for COP26 – the biggest international event addressing climate change. We believe we all need to take significant action now in order to protect our world and our children’s future.

Our Vision reflects our ideas – but we want views on if we have got it right, how we can improve it and how do we best address the environmental challenges we face. We will look to hold events on this vision including a local conversation. So, as well as hearing your views on the vision we would welcome ideas on how we might share, and indeed if you wanted to help with promoting it or taking the communities views forward.

If you have ideas or suggestions please contact us.