Current Projects

We have six groups who work across the following issues – Planning, Green and Environment, Conservation and Heritage, Transport and Streets, Town Centre, and Brentford Vison, PLUS a new group Brentford Youth Voice. We meet regularly to identify issues which affect Brentford and our community, then create projects and formalise action plans all of which are aimed at improving where we live and work, AND reinforce our mantra of “People who do something”.

Click on the links below to find out about some of our current projects and events which we hope will provide a flavour of what we believe will help to improve not only our environment, but also help provide a stronger identity and in turn a sense of place and community for the benefit of everyone.

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Bringing Brentford’s disused railway embankment back into use

We have secured grant funding of £50,000 to carry out a Feasibility Study of possible future uses of the embankment. On 10th January 2023 we hosted a well-attended community meeting at the Holiday Inn to present the proposals and to discuss some of the implications. A report on the proceedings is available.

Report Back from meeting a the Holiday Inn on 10th January 2023:

On Tuesday 10th January, Brentford Voice hosted a meeting at the Holiday Inn, Brentford to discuss the proposal to carry out a Feasibility Study into possible future uses of the disused railway embankment. About 55 members of the community attended.

The London Borough of Hounslow’s Thriving Communities Fund has awarded Brentford Voice a grant of £50,000 to commission the Feasibility Study on behalf of the community. The disused embankment is a linear open space of about 1.2 hectares (3 acres) extending from London Road to just south of the Brentford to Hounslow mainline railway. The site is owned by LB Hounslow but there has been no official access to the site since 1964.

This is a unique opportunity, particularly in the light of the large amount of development in Brentford, to provide access to an open space.

At the conclusion of the meeting, a show of hands indicated overwhelming support for carrying out the Feasibility Study. There was one vote against and one abstention.

However, a number of important concerns and issues were raised, which will be addressed in the Feasibility Study. These included:

  • The arrangements for maintenance and management in the longer term
  • Security, anti-social behaviour, noise, overlooking, and fly tipping
  • The provision of access to the top of the embankment

Possible uses of the embankment may include one or more of the following:

  • A walking route
  • An educational, community, and historical resource
  • A nature reserve with native wildflower planting
  • Community gardens/allotments/an orchard
  • A peaceful spot to sit, have a picnic, and enjoy the views

The next step is for Brentford Voice to select landscape architects and ecologists to carry out the Feasibility Study, which will include regular feedback and consultation with the community. A report will be produced in about December 2023 and this will be presented to the community and to LB Hounslow for consideration.

Download a copy of Brentford Voice’s presentation from the meeting.

Watch a video of the ensuing discussion on Facebook provided by John Dale of Brentford TV.

Drone Video of the Railway Embankment:

Borough Character and Design Study Supplementary Planning Document

The title of this document is a bit of a mouthful. It proposes a set of geographical “character areas”, and goes on to propose area-based recommendations to guide the transformation, enhancement and conservation of each of the character areas. Draft “design codes” seek to ensure the delivery of the area-based recommendations and “high quality and characterful design in development”.

A consultation takes place between Monday 4th April and Friday 13th May 2022.


A Vision for Brentford Town Centre
The London Borough of Hounslow have prepared a Vision for Brentford, which incorporates several suggestions from Brentford Voice. The Vision sets out the Council’s approach to the regeneration and economic growth of our town centre. On 11 January 2022 Hounslow Cabinet approved a Vision for Brentford Town Centre. The full version can be read here.

LBH Vision for Brentford Town Centre.

Estimates of Dwelling Stock
This table provides dwelling stock estimates for the wards of Brentford and Syon from 2001 to 2036.

Maps of Housing Sites
These maps show the location of major housing sites which may come forward during the period 2021 to 2036. Some of these sites may not be developed, but some may be developed at higher densities than we have assumed while other sites (“windfall” sites and small sites) will certainly come forward. These maps should be read in conjunction with the List of Housing Sites at September 2021.

List of Housing Sites at September 2021
This list can best be read in conjunction with the Maps of Housing Sites

Brentford Canal Festival 2022
Brentford is undergoing huge change currently and whilst welcome it’s important to acknowledge its past, and what better way than celebrating what was the life blood of Brentford for many years – its waterways. We hope to create a great occasion for local business and the cultural community to showcase their offerings in the context of a town which will be transformed in the coming years to a destination where people will take time to walk around – not just pass through.

A bridge from The Ham to Syon Park
This is not a new idea! A bridge was in place in the 17th century and probably much earlier.

Brentford Waterside Heritage Trail
We know that the waterside is the single most important “cultural cornerstone” for our community.

Brentford Gate Bridge
This project would transform Brentford’s waterside, improve connection to and from the Kew side of the Thames, and provide economic benefits to Brentford.

Bringing the Brentford Fountain home
We know that this project has very widespread support from our community and we are determined to carry the project to a successful conclusion.

St. Lawrence’s Church and burial grounds
This is a key site for the community and for the future of Brentford. We will strive to achieve the best possible outcome.

A Vision For Brentford
In this Vison we have addressed the key issues as we see them but we have added context which we hope supports those views. Clearly this is our Vision, but as mentioned previously if we are to turn a vision into a reality it requires a collective collaboration with input from all.