Transport and streets

Mind the gap

Brentford Voice has focused on existing issues and shortfalls that can be highlighted and brought to the attention of authorities to remedy, all of which will make an immediate improvement to life in Brentford as follows –

  • 20 years of defective and non-existent street lighting and unsatisfactory cleansing along the A4 Great West Road under the flyover from Gunnersbury to Boston Manor. LBH, TFL and the Highways Agency have not managed to make any headway on this since the inception of TfL. It is probably the worst kept and lit trunk road in London, and is so foreboding that it simply increases the division between Brentford North and South.

BV pressing for response and action on this long overdue necessity.

  • Safe route cycling. Most safe routes avoiding traffic and inclines are riddled with potholes and poor signage and not even mapped. Lots of ways to cycle easily and safely with minimal contact with main roads and heavy traffic are possible.

BV to encourage local cycling via quiet routes and push for safer cycling training.

  • To support a range of creative and low cost enhancements for the A4 Cycle paths which exist, but has been completely overlooked, yet offers easy connectivity to most of the Boroughs residential areas and Heathrow.

BV to ask will this be addressed within the GWC OA proposal.

  • Reductions in bus capacity and frequencies. Seems odd with the looming division of the North Circular and South Circular Road divide from the ULEZ

BV to seek more clarity from TfL about its intentions.

  • Raising of the Freedom Pass age. No wide consultation with GLA rate paying residents. Will affect the generation approaching 60 who are not getting the same degree of pension levels as current recipients.

BV to lobby Hounslow GLA assembly member.

  • To press for Brentford and Boston Manor Stations to be moved into Zone 3 in line with similar changes in East London to reflect the proposed urban densification of Brentford.

BV to lobby the Mayor and TfL.