A Better Connected Brentford

Brentford is undergoing huge change through current and proposed developments, including the Great West Corridor Opportunity Area proposal which extends from Chiswick roundabout in the east through to Gillette Corner in the west. This proposal alone will bring with it 7,500 new homes and 17,600 new jobs.

The Mayor of London’s guidance for Opportunity Areas clearly states they should ‘support wider regeneration and integrate development proposals to the surrounding areas’. Brentford Voice are concerned that that the current proposal falls short of meeting this criteria.

The urban barrier represented by the A4/M4 corridor is a very significant impediment to access to and from areas north and south of the A4 and with it connectivity between the A4, the Thames, and the remainder of Brentford, including Brentford Town Centre.

Brentford Voice’s vision is for a healthier, attractive town sustainably and better connected to its many green and open spaces and waterways.

Brentford Voice aim to develop a strategy through the following six key themes in the coming months to better integrate and connect Brentford’s environs:

  • promote a distinctive townscape and landscape;
  • improve air quality and green infrastructure to create a more attractive neighbourhood;
  • improve the quality and resilience of the public realm;
  • ensure our neighbourhoods have good connections to public transport;
  • assess how walkable our local neighbourhood and town centre is, and fill in the missing links in existing key walking routes through coherent and consistent information and wayfinding
  • deliver outcomes across a wider area rather than individual streets or junctions, creating vibrant streets that help local businesses to thrive and provide places for the community to come together and interact

We are keen to work with Hounslow Council, developers and other stakeholders to achieve these goals.